Saturday, August 29, 2015

more observations from number 1156

After drawing and painting and making illustrations these past 50 years (since childhood), I have been thinking about major influences...both visual input and emotional experiences that shape one's output of expression....and one that comes to mind is my sensory experiences of being in church. All of the sensations ;sound, space, prayer, energy, people, love. ...and stained glass. We (my family up-bringing) are Episcopalians and I have experienced some beautiful church interiors throughout my lifetime. St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Atlanta...built in 1906 is, and has been our family church for years and I have spent hours staring at the beautiful figures & stories depicted in stained well as the main altarpiece - an oil painting "The Good Shepard Mural" by Edwin Howland Blashfield shown here:

The Good Shepard Mural, approx 1906, Edwin Howland Blashfield
 These images take root from an early age and shape an artists creative output in my opinion.
To this day, I can see these early influences in my own work.