Thursday, March 1, 2018

An unspoken, hopeful gesture, 36" x 36"An unspoken, hopeful gesture

An unspoken, hopeful gesture, 36" x 36", acrylic & mixed media on canvas, copyright Andrew Portwood 2018
As of late, I have taken on some part time work for two add some consistent flow of income ., and to get around people...That is to have more social interaction. When you paint and draw and work from the source of your own mind, you can get trapped in there. Living inside of your own head and solitude is wonderful, and better for some individuals than others, and I have always enjoyed my time...solitude to think and work...but real life requires balance...and this includes people in our lives. My analogy for this is a submarine exploring regions of deep water, using Sonar. Sending out beeps and receiving echos and beeps bouncing back in order to navigate in the dark and the deep. Same in need feedback to better orient yourself and receive source for better health and happiness. So, the search and work goes on. Still painting and moving forward, and maybe breaking some of my own personal artistic barriers in the process.