Thursday, February 3, 2011

"Mr. Bird Said", 20" x20" Oil on canvas

I guess this one is reminiscent of when I was illustrating Children's books and literature...similar to some of my book illustrations, seen here- very narrative...make up your own story, I can't tell you what it's about. Although, I would say it's about being lost and asking for directions, because you have a passenger in distress, and it's getting dark and cold and you're looking for some shelter- at least until it get's light. OK, maybe I can tell you what this picture is about after all. That's the wonderful fulfillment one get's from painting & drawing and creating from your imagination..there is a lot of pretending and playacting that goes into it because you have to visualize it with your mind's eye just like when you were a child playing in the yard. You have to feel it as if you were there and then build it using perspective and form and expression, and create a sense of space and place. It's never quite right, but fun trying to create that imaginary place that you see in the recesses of your memory, it's a little fuzzy and out of focus, but we try to nail it down. I think that all artist's can relate to that struggle...chasing that illusive vision.