Saturday, October 30, 2010

New paintings on birch panel

Hey, This is a painting I just finished, kind of a series. I'm painting consistantly at one size: 24" x 24" square on birch wood panels. I really like the surface because it's hard like paper (no give like canvas) and it's smooth unless you want to embellish with your own texture. I just put a few coats of gesso on and sand in between layers, but I have heard of artists mixing in pummice or applying paste. That smooth, hard surface also allows for drawing media like charcoal or pastel in conjunction with the paint. Anyway, I'm excited with the results. Keeping with the equine theme, I'm exploring with this square format for a while. I have also picked out some nice frame mouldings for these. Of course, these are for sale, contact me if your interested:

I like this one, "Joan the Triumphant". I have alway's been facinated with Joan of Arc, because she was a warrior and Marytered Saint, I guess I share a somewhat romantic notion of her character that has been shaped by books and art and film. When I painted the figure on the horse, it eventually took form and reminded me of Joan of Arc, so I titled it such.
Titles are an interesting subject on their own. Sometimes they are obvious during the working process, a few words that pop into your head while painting, not a literal interpretation, but hopefully, a more personally connected phrase. But some have no title and it's best not to lead the viewer in any direction; The viewer can interperet it on their own terms and connect words of their own.