Sunday, January 10, 2010

Love of Horses

I have always loved horses and drawing horses. When I was a young budding artist of eleven or twelve years of age, I won a neighborhood art contest with a charcoal drawing of a lively, trotting colt. I was awarded a twenty-five dollar savings bond, ...after that, in my mind, I was hooked and certified. I graduated from college with a degree in art and became a professional illustrator. I have always enjoyed basic drawing and trying to capture that power and bravado and grace of movement with line stroke. The horse as subject is a wonderful, romantic metaphor and symbol of strength for me as a contemporary artist. It has been used by other artist's as well throughout art history and I continue to connect with that universal love of horses. Presently, I am no longer doing illustration work, but instead trying to build a following as a gallery artist and independent, showing and selling art and prints in the best venue possible. If your interested in my work, please subscribe in the column to the right to receive email blog posts with news and upcoming events of interest.

Thanks for looking.